Windows are made up of a series of components and advanced component technologies equals Superior Window Performance and Durability.
Windowcrafters uses only the best componets including: Cardinal Coated Glass, Dura Platform Spacers by TruSeal, Chelsea Building Products vinyl profiles, Amesbury and For Jaks balance mechanisms, and Lawrence Industries Bullet harware. All these components work together to ensure your new Windwcrafters windows will last a lifetime.


 LOW MAINTENANCE, HIGH PERFORMANCE VINYL During the past 2 decades, PVC products have become the leader in repalcement window technologies. PVC vinyl performs favorably in thermal testing by the NFRC, can be recycled, has a lower environmental manufacturing impact compared to alternatives, does not rot, and has incredible product durability. Our vinyl is 100% non recycled lead free PVC vinyl and is extruded by a leader in vinyl extrusions. Chelsea Building Products. All vinyl profiles are AAMA certified and meet R35 structural test standards. Engineered for strength, beauty, insulation, and energy efficiency. Our high performance vinyl frames are guaranteed for a lifetime against the harsh ultra violet rays and all weather conditions. The 700 series frame can even be configured for Impact wind zone 3 in accordance with ASTM E 1886-05 and ASTM E 1996 -05.

Balance Mechanisms

Open and close your windows easily. Choose our standard Inverted Balance for unmatched durability or our Constant Force upgrade for quiet window performance. 
Inverted Balance
Inverted Balance Amesbury.jpg
Constant Force Coil
Constant Force Four Jacks.jpg

Hardware Options

Window hardware.jpg
Composite Advantage

ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE GLASS Although windows provide beautiful views and fresh air, they can account for up to 30% of the annual energy consumption of a home. Windows are not walls and the majority of solar heat comes in through windows.The sun does not stand a chance with Cardinal Glass Products. Windowcrafters features LoE-270 Standard on all windows. This is the perfect glass for beating the Georgia heat. The patented coating reduces solar heat gain by 50% over clear glass and blocks 86% of the suns infrared heat with SHGC ratings that exceeds ENERGY STAR V6 standards. For high heat environments choose the Ultimate Performance Glass LoE-366 this can handle what normal window glass can't. No other glass on the market is as effective. LoE-366 blocks 95% of the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays and has exceptional fade protection.



PROVEN PERFORMANCE SPACER SYSTEMS Truseal is the largest producer of insulating glass spacer systems in the world. The spacer is one of the most important aspects of the glass unit and faulty spacers are one of the leading causes of ig failure in double pane windows. People often think their windows have fog in them or they can see the gas, but in fact the spacer has failed and moisture and dirt have entered into the space between the glass panes. Truseal has been designing and developing proven warm edge spacer systems for over 40 years. There are over 50 million Dura Platform windows in the market. Dura Platform spacers reduce the amount of energy loss when heating and cooling homes and have the lowest U-facotor of any spacer on the market. Truseal is a leader in the window industry with a strong focus on Green. The implementaion of the Envirosealed windows program has helped educate homeowners and contractors on the affects of exessive energy consumption on our environment and  how energy efficicent windows do make a measurable difference. All Windowcraftes windows are part of the Envirosealed program. 

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