Window Installation

It is important to remember a non professional installation can turn your new windows into a big mess. Sometimes a faulty window installation can even void your warranty. Window installation although it may look easy, requires alot of expertise and is not a task for a beginner. Windows need to be measured correctly and then installed plumb, level and square. Inproper installation can result in air and water infiltration as well as the window simply not operating correctly. Windowcrafters has a variety of top-quality expert installaton companies we can recommend that are true experts and can do work in any setting. Or give us a call to discuss a full service TURNKEY project where we handle all the details form start to finish. Either way Windowcrafters is committment to provided a custom solution fo each customer. 
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Energy Star Version 6 Compliant Installation Methods Link

Nail Fin Window Install
New Construction Window Exterior.jpg
New Construction Window
AAMA Window Install instructions:

Nail Fin Window Installation
AAMA 2400-02 Standard Practice for Installation of Windows with a Mounting Flange in Stud Frame Construction.  Provides guidance for the proper installation of windows with mounting flanges or nail fins into buildings with stud frame construction. It includes details of anchorage, flashing and sealing window installations to guide the user for generic window installation.  These publications are available from the AAMA.

Box Unit Window Install
Replacement Window Exterior.jpg
Replacement Window

Retrofit Window Installation
AAMA 2410-03 Standard Practice for Installation of Windows with an Exterior Flush Fin Over an Existing Window Frame.
Covers installation of retrofit windows in residential buildings of no more than four stories in height, from pre-installation procedures through post-installation procedures. It provides minimum requirements and covers typical window installation.   These publications are available from the AAMA.

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