700 - Specifications

 700 Series Double Hung
Materialu PVC Vinyl  
ColorCream White or Tan, custom colors available
Operating SashesTop & Bottom
Tilt-in FeatureTop & Bottom
Frame Thickness3 1/4”
ApplicationReplacement box unit - R
StylesDH, 2 lite slider, 3 lite slider, picture window, deadlite, and shapes
ConstructionFusion welded frame and sashes – durable strength
Exterior frame is beveled; window unit is fully wrapped in foam for added insulation
Weather-strippingDuel “center fin” nylon felt
Sash LocksIntegral Interlocks, double locks on units 28” or wider
Vent LocksDH, so sash can be open 3” yet still secure
Balance System  BSI Excalibur Inverted – standard or Four Jaks constant force 
ScreenAluminum Frame / nylon mesh - full or half height
GlassGuardian ClimaGuard RLE 70/36
SpacerDura Platform warm edge spacer in a 3/4 - 7/8” dual pane – insulated glass with or without Argon Gas fill
PERFORMANCE:       Double Hung 700
NFRC Low E*   U Factor = 0 .34       
                                          SHGC = 0.26                                   
NFRC Low E / Argon*U Factor = 0 .30      
SHGC = 0. 25                                
* With gbg grids, U-Factor, insulation value.  SHGC, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 
“Energy Star” Program 
AAMA (36 x 64”)Grade H-R 35                                 
Design Pressure Rating    DP 35
Air Infiltration0.08 CFM
Water Resistance             @ 5.25 PSI No leakage                    
Forced EntryPassed
* Qualified all States qualification for GA and South/Central US:  U-Factor and SHGC are equal or less than 0.40  

Specification Advantages

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