Bow & Bay Windows

Our bow and bay windows provide the perfect way to add a dramatic focal point to any room in the home!

A finished Series 2600 bay windows.

Bay Window
Ventana Bay-window-2600_3.jpg

Bay Window

The Series 2500 90-degree Bay Window

The Series 2500 90-degree Bay Window (also known as a "box bay") has the same outstanding quality, function and reliability as our garden windows, in a classic architectural form.

A finished Series 2600 bow windows.

Bow Window
Ventana Bow-window-2600_4.jpg

Bay Window
Ventana Bay-window-bow-window-2600-2.jpg

A wood buck for a Series 2600 bay window.

For our Series 2600 Bay and Bow product line, we offer two build options:
1. Assembled wood buck only.
2. Completed bay or bow unit with your windows installed.

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